Things you should know when booking a car

A person handing over the limousine car key to another person

Things you should know when booking a car

When you need to go farther than you can walk, hiring a car is far more convenient than waiting for public transportation or paying for a cab every time. But if you are unaware of them, hidden charges might strain your finances. Having this list handy will help you be ready.

The following is a list of five things you should not forget before getting hiring a car.

Have your paperwork ready

Nothing is worse than arriving at the car services office only to discover that you left your driver’s license at home. Please make sure you have your driver’s license and a valid credit card in your name on hand before hiring a car. To cover incidental charges like parking fines, traffic infractions, lost gasoline, etc., most services agencies will want you to provide a valid credit card as a guarantee. In general, promises made using debit cards are not accepted.

Return on time

Companies that lease cars operate on a very tight schedule, especially during the summer high season. To avoid incurring additional fees and a full day if you don’t notify the company, please return the car by the scheduled time.

Stay on paved roads

When the car hiring business agent goes over the firm’s policies with you, it’s easy to overlook some of the specifics listed. It would help if you noted that most businesses forbid using their vehicles on muddy roads. If you opt to get a collision damage waiver or another type of car insurance, it will probably be nullified if you drive on gravel or an unpaved road. Stay on the beaten path if you don’t want to incur costs for your off-road activities.

Confirm buying insurance

Even if you believe you are the world’s best driver, or even if you are, think about getting the no-excess full damage waiver insurance. Under an accident, comprehensive insurance will pay for your damages. However, depending on your chosen car, you may still be liable for the damage up to a certain deductible amount. The deductible ranges from €500 to €1000 depending on the type of car. However, most car damage is not the result of collisions. They are minor expenses like scrapes, cracked tires, and shattered mirrors.

Keep your car keys secure

Compared to before, car keys have changed. It’s not as simple as buying a fresh copy at the neighbourhood hardware store. The car keys contain sophisticated electronics; since they cannot be reproduced, you must purchase a duplicate from the manufacturer. I assure you that they are expensive. Don’t forget where you keep your key unless you want to pay €200 for a missing one. Additional charges are added to the original amount if the automobile key is lost.


The things mentioned above are easy to remember and even easier to implement. If you want to keep yourself safe from any loss, do not forget to buy insurance before grabbing a car. Drive safely and enjoy the ride.

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