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Most popular luxurious types of limousines

A person visiting Canada will undoubtedly see many limousines on the roads. As everyone is aware, Canada has grown in the business world. Wealthy people worldwide are busy making money there and visiting that country on a timely basis. The government there in Canada has always maintained the beauty of any state, whether it is Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, etc. Compared to the beauty of cities, people see impressive limousines on the roads. People visit this country for various reasons. People touring Canada on a business tour do not compromise their status and always prefer to travel. Different types of luxurious limousines are given below:

1. Standard stretch limo

The type of stretch limo you are used to seeing is the conventional model. Standard, space, and super stretch sizes of this type are frequently offered. A standard stretch limo is a terrific option depending on how many passengers you need to transport. It will be the most affordable option for a limo as it is regarded as the base model. Prices for traditional limousines are declining significantly as more consumers choose SUV-style limos. This car is suitable for booking many events like weddings, birthday parties, proms, etc. The amenities will differ significantly inside a long limousine. Typically, a variant of limousines includes illumination, TVs, and even beverage stations.

The standard stretch limo is parked to a lovely house

2. Sedan limousine

A sedan limo is a compact and small variant of all limousines. It has a seating capacity of four people, including the driver. If you ever get a chance to travel in a sedan limousine, you will find it comfortable and most cost-effective among all the limos. Mostly, business people hire this car for commuting from airports to their accommodations. This variant of limousine also leaves a positive effect on the viewers because of its grace and beauty. Companies running limos in business offering limos have to book instead of a taxi, and they offer a safe journey within a minimum time.

The sedan limo is parked to a beautiful house

3. SUV limousines

If you’re planning to travel to the countryside on a road trip with family or friends, you should rent an SUV limousine. The car is more significant than a sedan limo and has a bar, a multimedia lounge with TV and audio systems, and a huge trunk that can hold baggage and baby strollers. It is a fantastic option for prom evenings since it successfully mixes space, comfort, and flair. It is because the latter occasion often requires women to wear expensive, moveable outfits. You may sip champagne while travelling in style, and you can arrive at your destination in style.

The suv limo is parked to a beautiful place

4. Limo bus

A limousine bus, commonly referred to as a party bus, offers much more than a standard limousine. The largest of all the other varieties, it has a capacity of more than thirty passengers. A decent bathroom, comfortable couches, poles, stocked bars, drinking areas, a disco floor, and lighting are also included in it. It is the ideal mode of transportation if you want to organize a party on wheels rather than going to bars. It has everything you need, and you may use this for your birthday or bachelorette celebrations.

The limo bus stands in the middle of the road

5. Hummer limousine

A hummer limousine has a solid and fantastic appearance. Its enormous capacity allows it to fit more than a dozen people comfortably. A variety of amenities are available for the riders, including pubs, casinos, and video slot machines. Men typically pick this limo type because of its intimidating appearance since they may play poker on the way and have a blast before arriving at the destination. If you want to rent this car for a friend’s or your bachelorette party, prepare to bask in the limelight.

The hummer limo is parked next to a lovely place

6. Convertible limousine

This car is similar to any standard limousine while having an open-top surface. A remote control system or a button press controls this roof’s inside or outside movement. It depends on the demands of the riders. In addition to a foldable canopy, this car has extra facilities, including bars, leisure rooms, and more. This limousine can accommodate more than eight people. Due to this characteristic, limousines are big enough for important events like weddings, birthday parties, and prom nights. However, this car is only suitable year-round.

The convertible limo is parked next to a lake

7. Lincoln limousine

A Lincoln limousine, the best of all vehicles, embodies beauty, style, luxury, and opulence. Customers have been choosing this same type of limousine for decades. This car has the latest technology, extra seats, bars, entertainment rooms, a centrally controlled temperature control system, a navigation controller, and other amenities. Being designed with more safety measures, this car satisfies the core requirements for a Lincoln model. Because of its unrivalled grandeur and elegance, this limousine is best for business trips, weddings, parties, and birthday celebrations.

The lincoln limo is parked next to a side of the road

8. Classic vintage limousine

If you want to enjoy the classic ride or move back to the start or middle of the 20th century, have a ride in a classic vintage limousine. It is also giant and offers a sitting capacity of 10 people, like a compact SUV.

The classic vintage limo is parked next to a rich house


Limousine is a sign of class and grace. People visiting Canada enjoy the ride of such vehicles. JSM Black Limousine is a company that offers you to enjoy the passage of these cars at very affordable prices. No matter what type of limo you want for any function, you can get it with an experienced chauffeur.

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