Things to do in Toronto in December

people ice skating at Toronto city hall

Fun Things to do in Toronto in December

Toronto is a city full of life. It has a lot of places to visit tourists, and visiting this place for less than a month would not be worth it. It is because there are a lot of visiting points and many fun activities to do, especially in December. The capital of Canada is full of lights and snow in the winter season, and when we talk about December there, matchless beauty comes into sight. The following are enjoyable activities in Toronto in December:

Reasons to visit Toronto in December

A fantastic time to visit Toronto is in December. Despite the cold, if you dress appropriately and pay attention to the daily forecasts, you can easily travel and visit the city. There are so many free activities available in Toronto in December that it is worthwhile to take advantage of them. Numerous of these occasions are seasonal, so you will only find them at other times of the year. While it snows outside, you may keep warm and enjoy a nice beverage inside the heated buildings and public transportation systems. In December, hotels in Toronto are inexpensive. Although there are many events throughout the holidays, Toronto does not have a peak season. Therefore, you can enjoy luxurious hostels at a pocket-friendly cost.

Keep in mind that restaurants and shopping centers remain closed throughout the Christmas holiday, and they close early on Christmas Eve, except for fast food establishments. However, on December 26 and 27, deal hunters swarmed the malls and internet shops. Toronto also features a wide variety of excellent dining establishments where you may spend the holidays with loved ones, friends, or your special someone.

A little about the weather in December

Like every other city, the climate gets cold in December. Days start becoming shorter, and the temperature remains 3 degree Celsius to -3. The chilly wind starts, and it rains there for at least nine days. The last two weeks of December are affected mainly by rain. If we talk about the snow, it snows 21 inches yearly. The majority of the snowfall for the year falls in Toronto in December. Expect heavy snowfall and chilly weather, especially from mid-December. The wind from Lake Ontario causes Toronto to become significantly cooler. To shield your head from the chilly wind, always wear a thick hat or scarf. Wear gloves so you can keep your hands warm. And always wear proper clothing for the season. A packing list for a December trip to Toronto is provided below.

Things you should have in December in Toronto

If you plan to visit Toronto in December, you must have these things. Keeping these things will help you remain safe from the effects of cold weather.

  • Winter Jacket
  • Long boots
  • Woolen socks
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Warm pants
  • Sweater or long coat

Things to do in December in Toronto

You can enjoy the magical weather of Toronto in December by doing these things.

Visit Christmas market

Chrismas market

Deciding to go to Toronto in December means participating in many holiday festivities. You will love visiting Christmas markets in December; it’s one of my favorite things to do. The Christmas markets in Toronto are modeled after the Christkindlmarkt, or German-style Christmas markets, which are among the most beautiful markets in the world. As soon as you enter one of these Christmas markets, the aromas of the candles, the decorations, the food, and the hot drinks will make you feel festive! Toronto’s Christmas markets open around the end of December after being put up in late November.

Casa Loma

casa Loma Toronto, canada

Located in the center of the city, Casa Loma is a castle from the 20th century. Imagine the Gothic castle’s stunning appearance when Casa Loma is decked out in holiday decorations and charm during December. There is no doubt that you should visit for pictures and explore the castle’s interior spaces, including its cellar. Santa is waiting for guests at his castle workshop, where they can meet him and participate in holiday arts and crafts projects while watching shows by renowned performers on the ice. In addition, a sizable Christmas tree is erected at Casa Loma to celebrate the holiday season.

Aurora Winter Festival

Imagine that everything is painted a gentle shade of white and that occasionally, when the light shines, it glitters and makes everything look especially lovely and pure. That’s Canadian winter for you. Visit the Aurora Winter Festival in Toronto in December to enjoy the fresh, chilly air. You may go to the North Pole from Toronto thanks to this festival. The event is enjoyable and has several light displays, rides, and winter activities. Ontario Place, where the event is held, is also the location of the Winter Light Exhibition.

Explore winter villages in Toronto

The idea of Toronto’s “winter villages” is similar to the city’s “Christmas Markets,” but this place is all about comfort food.

The Distillery winter village

houses covered in snow in winter

The distillery winter village is a fantastic place to visit. This village glows with colorful lights in the winter season. It also has Christmas lights, enjoyment, and a lot of other things. You must pay for tickets to visit this place on weekends, while rest days are free.

Evergreen Brick’s work villages

This village is famous for having a “Food Street,” and foodies primarily visit it. Hotels and restaurants serve drinks like wine, craft beer, and eggnog. Another thing that attracts people to this village is a bonfire. Getting heat from a bonfire in a snowy winter is no less than a blessing.

Venus winter market

The Venus winter market is a fantastic place to visit, especially for people who love art. A common reason for the fame of this market is that it showcases the local arts and crafts culture.

Watch the lights at the Toronto Zoo

A 1.5-km (.9 miles) long light display dubbed Terra Lumina Night Walk is anticipated for the Toronto Zoo in December. From November 11 November 11, 2022, through (December 31, 2022), it will be held on Fridays through Sundays. In addition, the Toronto Zoo will host a Winter Marketplace from November 19–20, 2022.

Ice skating at Harbourfront Center Natrel Rink

Like to ice skate in Toronto? Visit the Harbourfront Center Natrel Rink, Toronto’s most well-liked outdoor skating rink. They’re open from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. You may hire equipment there. The city is home to several outdoor skating rinks. The majority of them will begin operations on November 30 or later. Check the hours this year because many were closed in Toronto for the winter of 2021/22.


There are countless additional locations to see and activities to do in Toronto. Like you cannot afford to miss, like having a click with Santa Clause, grabbing a memory at the CN Tower, playing with fish at Ripley’s Aquarium with a glass in the center, etc. The abovementioned things are just an overview of activities one should do there.

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